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PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:44 am 

Joined: Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:16 am
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Hi everybody.I tried to open Watch Dogs language file,i searched in the internet, but i found nothing.Someone extract this please.

Sorry for bad english

File İdentifier Result:

- File name: main_english.loc
- SHA-1: f84921dbbfd43f8d5fd003500c50c41a18b6229f
- File extension: LOC
- File size: 587 KB
- Creation date: 2014-11-10 13:21:32
- Last modification: 2014-11-10 11:22:30

- None (possible unsupported file type)

main_english.rar [561.15 KiB]
Downloaded 186 times
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:47 pm 

Joined: Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:29 am
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Hi people, I made a good progress.

I finally build string fragments table. But, I do not know how this fragment table is indexed from the file.

I successfuly build string fragments table for both small file provided in previous entry and main_english.loc file.
However, I do not know how indexing works. I tried 1 byte indexing to this string fragment table in small file, meaningful texts are appeared.
However, in main_english.loc file, we need more advanced indexing since there is more than 255 entries in the string fragments table.

Here the output for DBD82924.loc(small file)
looe *[24]* ew C.e  xe_*[34]*c atch_.c :*[42]*s estall*[46]*oe *[49]*EgerYou You Watch_Dogs® Bad BloodT-Bone Grady ContinueAiden Pearce New Game Aiden Pearce Continuee .*[98]*er ine treet SwYou have been invited to play the Bad Blood DLC. Accept the invite and the game will start automatically.You cannot join the DLC session, since the Bad Blood DLC is not installed.other *[173]**[174]*o*[176]*thlayfentreet zis DLC efrS*[189]*to uPp
- d enESinthf*[202]*onthe ai*[206]*vis ine is pitayIBloo a*[217]*.Bloos : playoois Bad Blooy*[226]*atchother tr*[230]**[231]*/pear_®*[237]**[238]*re*[240]*T-Bone playf a *[245]*WE*[248]*f*[250]*loothew ®f*[256]*A savegame for the Bad Blood DLC has been detected but the DLC is not installed. Install the DLC to use this savegame.*[305]*gYou must complete [CSS_BLUE]FADING SIGNAL[CSS_END] to access Bad Blood online features.:C Car qOnline Street Sweep: The GPS destination of the other player [GPSGWICON] is displayed on your map.gamethT-BontA*[422]*o*[424]* MBad Blood inoWce f*[432]*aisioner z*[437]* atch_Dunline Street Sweep: en*[443]*R/C Car othea Mear the R/C Car  s : *[454]*D*[456]*oanplayll e atT-Bone e playother E*[469]*trll*[472]*ear*[474]**[475]*with R/C Car is earine T-Bone dE*[484]*llth*[487]**[488]*c*[490]*NR/C Car *[493]**[494]*l.Gl- T-Bone Campaign : Play as T-Bone in his own story campaign.
- Street Sweep Missions : Weaken Chicago’s gangs to earn new rewards.
- Co-op Mode : Play Street Sweep missions with other players.
- 10 new Perks : Discover 10 new exclusive Perks to deal with

Here the string fragments for DBD82924.loc(small file)
" "
"e "
"n "
"s "
" the "
". "
"is "
" M"
"y "
"to "
"You "
"R/C Car "
" a"
"d "
"re "
"ce "
"t the "
"s : "
" a "
"Bad Blood DLC "
"ted "
"cannot join"
"s.{\n}- "
" new "
"T-Bone "
"Online Street Sweep: "
"with "
"other play"
"er "
"DLC "
"Bad Blood "
"r "
"the "
"t "
"not "
"Street Sweep"
": "
"line "
"new "
"{\n}- "
"- "
"ar "
"ew "
"Bad Bloo"
"nnot join"
"not join"
"not jo"
"not j"
"nline Street Sweep: "
"line Street Sweep: "
"line Street Sweep"
"th "
"other "
"ine "
"/C Car "
"C Car "
"Car "
"ot "
"treet Sweep"
"treet Swee"
"treet Sw"
"treet S"
"treet "
"ad Bloo"
"d Bloo"
"C "

I hope there are people who can help me.

I just simply run the C# code in the attachment. It prints stringFragmentsTable entries, and output using 1 byte indexing.
My code is based on DerPlaya's code for Assassins Creed game.

Also, here my guess for loc file structure as template.
//--- 010 Editor v5.0.2 Binary Template

uint magic;
ushort languageCode;
ushort count1;
uint stringFragmentsOffset;
uint a,b;
int count2;//includes zero-zero node,but it is not written here
    short right,left;

Watch_Dogs_Loc.7z [3.96 KiB]
Downloaded 187 times
PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:21 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:17 pm
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Hi, any progress? :-)

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