QuickBMS 0.8.0
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Author:  aluigi [ Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  QuickBMS 0.8.0


  • Break and Continue instructions fixed and available
  • experimental Label instruction (use Break/Continue to go to that label)
  • embedded C compiler to be used with CallDLL and the tcc calling convention
  • C compiler available also with the tcc variable type
  • updated compression algorithms and added few new ones
  • fixed a bug with gussed names with -d/D and TEMPORARY_FILE
  • fix for encryption mode of rotate
  • better handling of the rnc compression
  • fixed bug in xchdir
  • bug in utf8_to_utf16_chr
  • fixed a problem with if statements having more than 2 conditions
  • the user will be asked only once to confirm the loading of external dll
  • -P option to set the default codepage
  • restored compatibility with Win98
  • correct filenames output for non-ansi names
  • -T option for not deleting the TEMPORARY_FILE

The tool successfully works and has been successfully compiled on Windows, Windows 98 (compatibility was lost in recent versions), Linux and MacOSX.

The old quickbms 0.7.7 is still available here in case there are problems with this new version and you want a working quickbms before I fix these possible problems, yeah I have tested various scripts and conditions but new versions may introduce new bugs.

If you spot a bug or have suggestions, feel free to post here:

From now on the topics with the new versions of quickbms will be posted as sticky/global in the forum so you will never miss them :)

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