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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:23 pm 

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on remaking Liberation Day, from 1998, an isometric turn-based startegy title, the sequel of Fallen Haven.

I have been successfully​ extracting UI assets, animations and other data from the game so far, that I'll be using from the game later.

As I already extracted 90% of the game content and the game is an isometric (tile based) turn based strategy game I still need to find terrains, buildings, roads and walls.
I think those are in some files, inside a IMGS folder, with extension .DBI.

I've uploaded all DBI files here. http://www.filedropper.com/imgs
I've been expecting these to be images, but looking at the files with an hex editor, it seems that they are inside some kind of container, probably compressed or obfuscated.

I'm looking for any clues that I can get to extract assets from these DBI files.
This is the process I've followed so far:
- My first guess was to try to interpret this a texture with different formats (tried 8bit, 16bit, 24bit and even 32bit colors), but that didn't gave me any result. For this, I imagine the image data is compressed.

- Looking inside the file with the hex editor I saw mentions to Excel, Access, Paradox DB, so I've tried to open this file with some db viewers, but no luck as well. I've seen mentions inside the file format to "Custom Pages". it's likely that this is some kind of db format.

- Searching for this DBI format on google I eventually found a modding tool for fifa 2003, that edits dbi files. It doesn't open the game's DBI files and I haven't been able to find the source code.

- I've tried to run offzip to find compressed content. No luck

- I've tried to run findxor, but I haven't seen anything useful, but I've only seen the file start.

In case the context is valuable, what I found & extracted from the game by now is:
- SMK files. These are smacker video files (from RAD game tools), which I open through FFmpeg. They contain UI assets and cinematics.
- FF files. A simple custom binary file grouping SMK animations for units.
- MDB files. Microsoft Jet databases, which can be accessed from C# without issues through OleDB.
- Music on CD format that can be ripped from C# without issues.

If interested in any of this, all source code is being pushed to GitHub regularly here. https://github.com/metalbass/LibDay

So this is all i've tried so far. Any help will be very welcome.

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