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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:21 pm 
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I'm currently datamining data in Rabbids Land, a game using the LyN Engine from Ubisoft, I wanted to see the values for the parameters after extraction, but unfortunately the majority of parameters read by the game are in some binary format, which makes it tough to diff them their true values from the day 1 patch. I attempted to document a portion of the format, I may be wrong on some information but I tried my best. If anyone else wants to contribute feel free to.

UbiLyN Params:

   16bytes: DEC0DEC003000100050000000000000000000000 (Sounds like a message to modders or game engine)
   4bytes: ?
   4bytes: Float of some sort
   4bytes: Float of some sort
   8bytes: DFC0DEC00000000
   1byte: Total param count (Int)
   7bytes: 00000002000000
   1byte: ?
   offset 40 is always the first param name (after ignoring beginning float bytes) and appears to go up by 40
   EOF: somewhere before 4D6F64656C466163746F7279 (ModelFactory) to a bunch of 00s
in EFC:
   11bytes: DEC0DEC00100000000000000
   1byte: String size
   3bytes: 00
   ?bytes: String (Filename)
   8bytes: 00
   18bytes: DFC0DEC00000000000000000020000000000000000000000
   1byte: How many DFC0DE containers are there
   1byte: 00
in EDA:
   8bytes: 0100000003000000
   1byte: String size
   3bytes: 00
   ?bytes: String
   4bytes: 00
in IGR (100%):
   18bytes: DEC0DEC00300020005000000040000000000000000000000
   1byte: Param count
   3bytes: 00
      4bytes: Float
      4bytes: 00
   ?bytes: String (Filename)
   ?bytes: 00 (Depending on filename size)
in TXT (100%, yes, txt):
   20bytes: DEC0DEC003000200050000000800000000000000
   1byte: Float count
   7bytes: 00
   Repeats (until EOF):
      4bytes: Float

RLandPatchParams.zip [164.66 KiB]
Downloaded 88 times
RLandBaseUSParams.zip [1.65 MiB]
Downloaded 85 times

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