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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 12:20 pm 

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Helo there. Can somebody please mod/update the templete to convert 3x3 matrix radians to euler degrees or radians and output them as X,Y,Z ?
I have made a template for 010 Editor which parse data but i can't figure out code for converting matrices to euler.
Order should be ZYX.
Here's Template to mod. Thanks in advance!
struct {
    float m00, m01, m02, m03,
          m10, m11, m12, m13,
          m20, m21, m22, m23,
          Printf("File ID = %u File ID1 = %u\n%f  %f  %f  %f\n%f  %f  %f  %f\n%f  %f  %f  %f\nPos X = %f\nPos Y = %f\nPos Z = %f\n\n",FILE_ID0,FILE_ID1,m00, m01, m02, m03, m10, m11, m12, m13, m20, m21, m22, m23,POS_X,POS_Y,POS_Z);

BTW i used this online converter
which works, but i am not sure how precise it is. So i would like to see real values from a file.
EDiT: Here's some code in C++
// Checks if a matrix is a valid rotation matrix.
bool isRotationMatrix(Mat &R)
    Mat Rt;
    transpose(R, Rt);
    Mat shouldBeIdentity = Rt * R;
    Mat I = Mat::eye(3,3, shouldBeIdentity.type());

    return  norm(I, shouldBeIdentity) < 1e-6;


// Calculates rotation matrix to euler angles
// The result is the same as MATLAB except the order
// of the euler angles ( x and z are swapped ).
Vec3f rotationMatrixToEulerAngles(Mat &R)


    float sy = sqrt(R.at<double>(0,0) * R.at<double>(0,0) +  R.at<double>(1,0) * R.at<double>(1,0) );

    bool singular = sy < 1e-6; // If

    float x, y, z;
    if (!singular)
        x = atan2(R.at<double>(2,1) , R.at<double>(2,2));
        y = atan2(-R.at<double>(2,0), sy);
        z = atan2(R.at<double>(1,0), R.at<double>(0,0));
        x = atan2(-R.at<double>(1,2), R.at<double>(1,1));
        y = atan2(-R.at<double>(2,0), sy);
        z = 0;
    return Vec3f(x, y, z);


After some digging i finally found solution.
Used GNU Octave with this code:
function convert_3x3mat2eul
R = [-0.001869 -0.003010 -0.999994; -0.022299 0.999747 -0.002945; 0.999750 0.022276 -0.001943];
[x,y,z] = decompose_rotation(R);
x0 = rad2deg(x);y0 = rad2deg(y);z0 = rad2deg(z); # code for converting radians to degrees
RotX = vpa(x0), RotY = vpa(y0), RotZ = vpa(z0)   # final code for more output digits

function [x,y,z] = decompose_rotation(R)
x = atan2(R(3,2), R(3,3));
y = atan2(-R(3,1), sqrt(R(3,2)*R(3,2) + R(3,3)*R(3,3)));
z = atan2(R(2,1), R(1,1));

mdl_pos_rot_table.7z [48.99 KiB]
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