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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 2:30 am 

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The Secret of Monkey Island & Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge for FM Towns were released with both English & Japanese versions of the games on the disc, and I'm trying to get Japanese text dumps out of them. There's an old translation tool floating around called SCUMMtr that can export/import the full text of SCUMM games, but it obviously wasn't designed with Japanese text in mind. I successfully dumped the English texts from the FM Towns copy of each game with no problems, but because the tool only exports *.TXT files with a limited number of formatting options, all of my attempts to dump the Japanese script are garbled text.

One of the options in SCUMMtr is to export hexadecimal char codes, which seems like the most likely candidate to convert into readable text, but it looks like there's still a bunch of garbage characters in there that I can't figure out what to do with (e.g. {, n, I).

Here's the first 10 lines of the SOMI text dump in English, with matching Japanese text transcribed from the game as reference:
jungle : ジャングル
rowboat and oars : ボートとオール
jungle : ジャングル
jungle : ジャングル
jungle : ジャングル
It's a gross old bottle.\255\003I don't want it. : 薄汚れた古いガラスびんだ。\255\003こんな物いらない。
bottle : ガラスびん
note : メモ
Herman Toothrot : ハーマン・トゥースロット
There's a message in it! : 中に手紙が入ってる!

The corresponding Japanese hexadecimal codes exported by SCUMMtr:

I've attached the exported hex code dumps from both games, and a sample file comparing the first 10 lines of the SOMI text dump using SCUMMtr's other export options, if they can help. MI2's other dumps are pretty much identical to SOMI's, except for some reason it kept generating UTF-16 text files instead of ANSI when that option was used.

Is it possible to get a properly encoded Japanese text dump out of this, or is SCUMMtr just not the right tool for the job?

File comment: MI2 hex dump.
M2K-H.txt [661.28 KiB]
Downloaded 15 times
File comment: SOMI hex dump.
MK-H.txt [452.88 KiB]
Downloaded 16 times
File comment: First 10 lines in SOMI text file exported by SCUMMtr. ANSI charset, binary mode, hexadecimal char codes.
SOMI scummtr export sample.txt [2.4 KiB]
Downloaded 15 times
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