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Author:  Gardosen [ Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Battle for middle-earth game2.dat generator

Hello everyone,

I am a huge fan of battle for middle-earth 1, 2 and the addon.
Just recently i found out that there is a community around this game which makes it possible to play this game online over custom servers, which is amazing.

Some friends of mine also wanted to join but misserably failed because of how to install the games and make them work with this community mod.

Because of this, i decided to write an all in one installer, where people can select the language, games, and addons to install.

The installer works great for parts 1 and the addon of part 2, but because of a file called game2.dat of the second part, battle for middle-earth 2 permanently runs into an anti piracy protection. (After 3minutes and 30seconds the matches are lost)

The game2.dat file is a file which is created on installation and is as far as i found out over this website, a file which is generated based on the key, the hdd serial number and some other values encrypted with blowfish.

I tried to understand this to be able to write my own C# implementation of this logic, so that my all in one installer can generate this file based on the peoples systems, but i am stick with the information i have :(

Can anyone probably here help me withthis?

Information i found about how the encryption works

Kind regards

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