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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:57 am 

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Hello. This forum was recommended as a great place dedicated to decrypting save files and such.

There is a type of save file for Ninja Gaiden that allows you play to DLC content. These saves were "locked" to an account and cannot be played without the account present but they can be played offline. There is a unique identifier for the account called an XUID. If a method to decrypt the data could be found, we could find this XUID and either replace it with another usable XUID or simply use the original XUID itself with a tool by a very kind modder, fuedalnate. This tool would allow people to make an account that works with the file if you are able to identify the XUID the file wants. If we can decrypt these files then more files that are currently inaccessible could be enabled to be played again.

Couple notes: the xbox live service no longer exists. It would not be possible to access any account information this way. This would simply allow you to copy the XUID and use a software called Xbox Account Manager to make a new account with this XUID which the game will recognize as the proper account and allow the save file to load.

This content can be played offline by loading an existing save file (with the account requirement described), however you cannot start a new a file for this content because the xbox live servers don't exist and are required to start a new file. So decrypting these existing save files is the only way to make more files available to play. Once you "unlock" a file by having the proper account XUID, you can share the account and the file for others to play using other tools already available to the community. As it stands there only exists 2 files known to work to the community. Being able to unlock more files would provide more usable content and allow people to unlock their own existing files.

The writer of the Xbox Account Manager is a legendary contributor to the xbox community and has provided a TON of information about how the files work at the reddit link posted below. He thinks he may have identified the XOR key and encryption type but a decryption requires too much expertise for me to offer much help personally. He is very very kind to help as much as he already has. He has agreed to look into it a bit but he is understandably busy and only has limited time. I want to be able to help him any way I possibly can.

If anybody has advice for decrypting this data or has any interest in helping, please let us know either at the reddit link below or message here so I can try to get communication going. I am interested in learning any helpful information at all including information that would allow me to learn how to attempt to work on decrypting as a helper. Hopefully, by decrypting these files we can open up more capability to play some more files of this uncommon content.

https://www.reddit.com/r/ninjagaiden/co ... ane_packs/

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