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Author:  kosg [ Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Disney Emoji Blitz - ANDROID - Playerblob.json (not html)

The App is Disney Emoji Blitz. The playerblob.json file is located in Android/Data/Emoji/Files. I have renamed this to .bin as .json is not allowed to be uploaded (I guess it assumes as though it relates to html which it does not)

In older versions of the app, this file was NOT encrypted/encoded/obfuscated and you could quite easily modify the text to progress quicker in the game.

I have decompiled the app and investigated the dlls with dnspy and it seems to just be a standard unity json encoder.. and I have tried absolutely everything and anything I could find online but alas, no progress. I have always been able to rely on quickbms scripts for obtaining data in the past, so I am sure someone can help with this! Interesting to note is the first 32 bytes do look to be some sort of "key" but that could be totally wrong also.

I have attached a sample of this data file taken from a saved file from older version of the app,
and one taken from a newer save file (post-encryption). "Old" version file renamed to avoid confusion.

File comment: Sample playerblob.json file from one of my gameplays. (renamed to .bin as it is NOT a HTML json file)
PlayerBlob.bin [63 KiB]
Downloaded 6 times

File comment: A sample taken from an old version of the app. Shows what the possible structure may look like when decrypted.
OLD_ver_PlayerBlob.bin [6.81 KiB]
Downloaded 2 times

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