Warning about user Mygoshi and posts editing
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Author:  aluigi [ Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Warning about user Mygoshi and posts editing

Unfortunately at the end of March 2018 an user called Mygoshi edited almost all of his 650 posts.
Many have been semi-deleted while few have been "modified" for not matching the original content:

So now we have many pointless topics in which the users (and moreover myself who wasted time for him) talk with nobody, reply to empty posts or reply in a rude way to his previously very rude posts.
Very sad, very very sad.

This user had a bad attitude and was known to give some bad replies to other users in the past, anyway nothing so bad and there have never been flames or problems here, an user with many topics is ever very positive for the forum and for my quickbms scripts :)
Apparently this attitude is the reason behind why he edited his posts, because the users of other forums started to hate and ignore him.
Basically he deleted a part of the past of this forum (the community) for deleting his personal past.

I'm not going to waste time restoring his old posts and I will not stop him since he is still active here with other nicknames.
He can post here like any other users, there is no problem for me except for all those old posts and the complete lack of respect for the users.

Anyway this topic about Mygoshi is NOT about Mygoshi, I wanted to take him as example only.

Just a generic advice for the users of any forum:
  • stay quiet and polite (do it for yourself)
  • don't delete your posts (do it for the others)
  • editing posts is very good if you have updates and for fixing grammar errors, not for deleting your content

Deleting a post will only delete the time that the other users spent for you and ruins the history of the forum.

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