QuickBMS 0.10.0
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Author:  aluigi [ Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  QuickBMS 0.10.0

  • PREFIX_OPENSSL for Mac Makefile
  • single quoted characters bigger than 0xff
  • fix for some C_struct alloc/free
  • quickbmsver -32 -64 -F
  • fix for rare reimport mode filexor
  • reimport mode full support for multiple reversed math operators
  • reimport xsize support
  • signed numbers in Set
  • fix for calldll with some function names and better support
  • calldll more arguments
  • -j option for Slog output in UTF16 unicode
  • -b C option for filling the *Log empty data with custom byte
  • default filler is now space in Slog and still zero in *Log
  • reimport3 mode with automatic shrinking and enlarging of the file if there is no offset
  • SLog in reimport mode can read UTF8/UTF16LE/UTF16BE
  • fixed and removed warning in SLog
  • zlib/deflate reimport fix
  • -f also works with nameless files
  • fix for some rare xsize parameters
  • restored support for empty input file argument
  • some fixed and new compressions
  • 0x00 bytes in SLog size-based unicode


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