QuickBMS 0.11
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Author:  aluigi [ Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  QuickBMS 0.11

  • SearchArray command
  • Reimport command
  • additional options in quickbmsver
  • idstring and findloc now supporting wildcard single bytes (up to 32)
  • better support for some operators in xmath
  • String now works with binary data (may break compatibility with some scripts)
  • GARBro and other compressions
  • choose algorithm in lz77wii_compress
  • improved PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC and BytesToKey
  • added Rfc2898DeriveBytes
  • removed tcc symbol that didn't work on Win98 and added few others
  • calldll supporting entrypoint/rva2file/vatofile/fileto2va/file2va
  • conflicting symbols from some compressions now static
  • solved append -1
  • get filename/path/* on sockets and http links now returns better results
  • slog to memory_file
  • fixed bug that asked to overwrite files in append mode
  • fixed some strings parsing in Encryption EXECUTE
  • fixed Encryption REPLACE
  • support for unicode filenames in command-line and in directory scanning
  • fixed bug in creation of folders with unicode names
  • visualization of additional info in case of error
  • added support for MEMORY_FILE[FILENUM]
  • librtomcrypt recompiled without LTC_ARGCHK error
  • experimental -y option for json output
  • some optimizations of multidimensional arrays and String X
  • opening of TEMPORARY_FILE not affecting the names of the input (filename/fullname/basename)
  • -e option in reimport2 mode for disabling compressions
  • full list of commands in the -c option
  • endian argument for reverseshort/long/longlong
  • SLog ID argument for selecting reimport of strings
  • fix clean_filename rare bug
  • C structs now require ok from user
  • fix for get longlong
  • json deserialization (String X) now handles backslash escapes
  • String = supporting the current endian
  • filexor/filerot/filecrypt fix negative offset
  • SLog with binary type produces an output with all bytes in hex (cstring)
  • String H operator for converting variable to cstring
  • condition fix for some rare binary strings
  • condition new prefix 0 working like String
  • Print colors
  • FindLoc regex
  • the FILENUM argument of filexor/rot/crypt is now working (default behavior is all files as before)
  • getarray/putarray multiple arguments
  • fixed bug in calldll with over 12 arguments
  • Get VAR ??? for prompt from user
  • continue/break/label fix
  • putvarchr longlong
  • clang support (tested on Termux Android)
  • gcc 10 support
  • get variable3/variable4 64bit
  • swprintf removal
  • oodle (kraken/lzna/bitknit) support on Linux
  • lz4x_compress fix
  • Append mode 2 for insert mode
  • Append mode also working with Put* commands
  • tcc long long support
  • putdstring with negative size
  • -J using VARSZF instead of VARSZ (may cause issues)
  • Encryption Math fix for using variables
  • improved xmemdecompress on Linux
  • new code for ppmdh and ppmdi
  • dump of command-line arguments if invalid
  • various improvements and optimizations


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