QuickBMS 0.9.0
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Author:  aluigi [ Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  QuickBMS 0.9.0


  • fix bms parsing from buffer
  • backslash escape with quotes at end of bms line
  • c_structs fix
  • extracted/reimported files statistics separated from log operations (append mode)
  • filecrypt disabled during log
  • String VAR S empties all arguments before setting them
  • String n (byte2num) N (num2bytes) and U (base64) operators
  • RNG available in encryption
  • call/startfunction can set caller arguments with new values
  • added variable6 and variable7 types
  • improvement of encryption increment
  • various updated/improved/new/fixed compressions
  • increased buffer for selected files
  • IPC interface with -W option (web/namedpipe/mailslot)
  • type ? when selecting bms script to load the clipboard content
  • -f #NUM for extracting only the file number NUM
  • improved xml_json_parser
  • fast SortArray
  • special files myfseek
  • namecrc fix
  • quickzip fix
  • Open filenum 0 redirect mode
  • improvements for Open command now with FDDE2 and FDSE2
  • -0 works in reimport mode too
  • ucl/lzo/bzip2 are no longer external
  • clog with zero-bytes uncompressed files
  • vspr va_list fix

This is a major release with many improvements and bug fixes.

As usual, if you spot a bug or have suggestions, feel free to post here:

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