DAX audio format
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Author:  AnonBaiter [ Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  DAX audio format

so i posted a little bit about this format back on hcs64 but i've seen nobody talk about this at all, anyway here's what i've been "working" on

DAX is an audio codec that aims to give other audio codecs an edge in terms of quality, architecture, structure and its overall design. "how can you do that?" you might ask...
well that's just something i have to figure out now

do keep in mind though that the dax_encode.bms script can only encode 1-channel .wav file into a .dax file and with dax_decode.bms it's the same thing in reverse, only for decoding
although i haven't provided a download link for those scripts yet, and i have no sample images to show from this so don't expect too much from this thread now

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