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Author:  Audist [ Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:46 am ]
Post subject:  BloodRayne 1 & 2 animations

Hi everyone! I have been trying to export assets from both BloodRayne games and found that there's a lot of tools that can help with that - dragon unpacker, ravioli game tools and most importantly - Turfster's BloodRayne Toolset 3.7, so unpacking game archives and figuring out which file extension mean model\texture were not a problem at all, Turfster already did it all for me. There's even built in file converter for game assets inside that tool. The only thing I can't figure out tho is how to deal with animations.
Turfster's toolset can convert BloodRayne 2 character models and animations to .md5mesh\.md5anim accordingly and while models seems to work fine, animations don't. I can sort of open animations converted to .md5anim in Noesis but they won't play. Noesis only shows very weird static skeletal pose and shows how many frames are in that animation.
md5 file extensions can easily be opened with notepad++, so I took a look at those converted animation files and figured out, that Noesis probably shows everything right. All converted animations have the same data in them, the only thing that is different is file name and number of frames for that animation, but frames themselve are not included in the file, just a skeletal information.
So, my question is - am I doing something wrong? Is there any other tools for Terminal Reality games that would allow me to export animations? I've seen that people extracting models with skeletons from Ghost Busters, but I don't have access to those tools and can't try them on BloodRayne.
Maybe someone knows how to open\reverse engineer original .ANI animation files or can push me to the right directions with that?
I'm providing original and converted game files in attachment in case someone know how they work or want to help me figure it out. I also provide Turfster’s BloodRayne tools in case you can figure out how it handles game files.

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