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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:21 pm 
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Im back once more...

Now Im trying to extract .BIN models located insides Resident evil .dats which are located in...

and with "XXXX.BIN" being any BIN file in the game.

It is worth mentioning that the 2007edition PC port of this game is just a port of the PS2 title. So both files are the same I've seen

It is possible to open these BIN files using a tool by a Japanese Modder by the name of, CRZOSK. This tool only opens these BIN models in Wireframe mode and only exports the model in OBJ and nothing more no material file. It does not preserve UV's as well. Now its texture formats. The TPLs. In GC/Wii versions of RE4, TPL files were used to store compressed version of model textures due to lack of available storage space. Here they are the same thing but guts out Nintendos Code. In them they sometime contain 1 texture or at the most ive seen, 12 textures. They can be open in Game Graphic Studio and edited there. i have successfully made a TPL file from scratched.

Now back to the BIN file. On the "remastered" 2014 UHD release of the game there exist tools to extract the BIN models there since they are are "different" format. Upon inspection in hex to they are similar in many ways but the 2014 release has extra added bytes and vice versa also 2 way different headers. It is also worth mentioning that these models contain huge clusters of data blocks that were originally designed to allow developers the ability to change BIN model transperancy/luminosity. Not sure if the PS2 models follow this fate as well. It would be nice to remove this junk data to optimize for space which the UHD tools do but their exist older tools as well that preserve this data on repack but we have to hex edit them. Also that the Face models contains morphs for facial animations, Im assuming PS2 BIN is same way.

I was given a 3ds max script that allows us to import these .BIN models but ONLY for the UHD release. So hopefully it will be of help in opening and repacking the BIN models. It is unfinished and unstable but i can confirm it will open up character BINs specifcally in Pl00/08/09 in the game.
Script by MarioKart64n

So my hope is that someone can help in making of a tool to extract and repack these BIN models or at least in hope of extracting them. Thanks

Below i have attached multiple files .BINs and .TPLs.

BIN models and TPL.zip [3 MiB]
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