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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:51 pm 

Joined: Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:38 pm
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Ok,thanks,and good luck with the script

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 1:55 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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Touchdown! To clarify best method is as follows:
- Use Winrar to open the dat files, this will retain more files than other method (7zip, bms). If they don't open they're not a rar of course.
* switch to Quickbms for versions 2.0.0 on up using aluigi's zip2.bms script. Should be found in Dlc_version.txt
** actual formats are either .swf, .bar or .png. The latter two will generally extract but the swf usually will not. The more important one's are detailed in file00000-plantext.dat which will give you an idea what is what. This can be opened and read in Note or Word.

- If textures won't open (usually the base tga here which is actually a .pvr file), extract them then open the PVR files with PowerVR Graphics Tools.

- bdae models open with the Noesis plugin provided by Acewell (thanks). If they do not open or error, extract them as a zip then open the little_endian bdae file inside with Noesis.

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2017 6:50 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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To make things a little easier I reorganized the list numerically. This should make identifying what's in a dat easier for anyone as they go through them rather than rifling through the list to and fro. So in total the common usable types you'll find are actors(character models and anims, textures and so on), level segments, environments, props, fx, and else various images for icons, huds, banners and logos. Else there's single dats for fonts and strings. Left over are swf/game engines/html. The following is for newer versions (as of Spider-ham)

file000001.dat actors2_14.bar -698228991
file000002.dat actors.bar 1212792110
file000003.dat actors2_21.bar 728657032
file000004.dat gameloft_logo_small.png 1227665146
file000005.dat actors_44.bar 1043362820
file000006.dat environments_13.bar 603746691
file000007.dat actors_56.bar 1849945078
file000008.dat environments_11.bar -1254760501
file000009.dat environments_23.bar 1509339889
file000010.dat MyTeam.swf 1734203921
file000011.dat actors2_9.bar -1061812297
file000012.dat spiderman_strings.bar 240808901
file000013.dat actors2_12.bar 1066426017
file000014.dat fonts.bar 1758546371
file000015.dat actors_20.bar -1746114770
file000016.dat actors_16.bar -1527861299
file000017.dat levelSegments_1.bar 235265662
file000018.dat actors_11.bar 1922009814
file000019.dat actors2_22.bar -391356997
file000020.dat levelSegments_22.bar -1720908139
file000021.dat actors_59.bar -1653180571
file000022.dat Leaderboards.swf 360965820
file000023.dat levelSegments_3.bar -190795001
file000024.dat Leagues.swf -414919028
file000025.dat CharacterPreview.swf 1832582943
file000026.dat actors_42.bar -1436268346
file000027.dat environments_25.bar -1481820890
file000028.dat actors_40.bar 1057147996
file000029.dat actors_29.bar -1211851131
file000030.dat Main.swf -1311997532
file000031.dat props_19.bar 2132076
file000032.dat props_46.bar 1789706928
file000033.dat StartMenu.swf -1715415432
file000034.dat actors2_1.bar 361888968
file000035.dat environments_1.bar 1331678807
file000036.dat actors_6.bar -1728194656
file000037.dat props_12.bar -1448632899
file000038.dat actors_65.bar 1751899010
file000039.dat props_42.bar 600053736
file000040.dat levelSegments_27.bar -871155819
file000041.dat props_49.bar 1135415629
file000042.dat ps.bar -1739026331
file000043.dat actors_53.bar 636771291
file000044.dat actors2_28.bar -29729174
file000045.dat environments_26.bar 1910782728
file000046.dat environments_24.bar 548794705
file000047.dat props_28.bar 1848385413
file000048.dat props_9.bar 1723365346
file000049.dat ps_7.bar 1345777655
file000050.dat environments_18.bar 1124863637
file000051.dat actors_33.bar -170283775
file000052.dat Popups2.swf -92080846
file000053.dat props_23.bar 1863425787
file000054.dat actors_24.bar 649146607
file000055.dat props_13.bar 43286325
file000056.dat actors_66.bar -1435536141
file000057.dat actors_64.bar 1436649924
file000058.dat levelSegments_26.bar 393074916
file000059.dat environments_5.bar 934520417
file000060.dat props_48.bar 1870360502
file000061.dat props_17.bar -327792861
file000062.dat environments_3.bar -299797029
file000063.dat swfsLoad.bar -540828076
file000064.dat actors_17.bar 135981801
file000065.dat props_8.bar 1937870217
file000066.dat gameloft_logo.png 2068377346
file000067.dat environments_19.bar -1921367287
file000068.dat Issue_2_Complete.swf -801605798
file000069.dat actors2_4.bar 1529412387
file000070.dat actors_3.bar -1780620144
file000071.dat actors_36.bar 1747678878
file000072.dat props_27.bar -924910963
file000073.dat levelSegments_20.bar 900699728
file000074.dat levelSegments_12.bar -1416262117
file000075.dat levelSegments_10.bar -1961370409
file000076.dat levelSegments_8.bar -153076983
file000077.dat environments_14.bar -504457097
file000078.dat SocialLists.swf -126370611
file000079.dat levelSegments_6.bar -807186296
file000080.dat actors2_13.bar 1845363253
file000081.dat levelSegments_16.bar 1778032819
file000082.dat props_30.bar -259520531
file000083.dat Portal.swf -1374945324
file000084.dat actors_26.bar -1802407245
file000085.dat Gameplay.swf 368570131
file000086.dat marvel_logo_small.png 887803246
file000087.dat props_21.bar 1051628969
file000088.dat actors2_27.bar -1432276867
file000089.dat marvel_logo.png 1171424093
file000090.dat actors2_24.bar -1924867724
file000091.dat levelSegments_9.bar 1487823862
file000092.dat environments_12.bar -1867927735
file000093.dat SpideyOps.swf -1573922134
file000094.dat SocialRewards.swf -1980410924
file000095.dat props_11.bar 312166762
file000096.dat props_43.bar 1816238558
file000097.dat levelSegments_25.bar -1434252768
file000098.dat smu_logo.png 1100482795
file000099.dat Events.swf -852994956
file000100.dat props_1.bar -1397881540
file000101.dat marvel_logo_big.png 529214342
file000102.dat actors2_6.bar -1613414373
file000103.dat actors_34.bar 10736
file000104.dat levelSegments_14.bar 1769270368
file000105.dat ps_4.bar 1480995108
file000106.dat Issue_4_Complete.swf 2026506669
file000107.dat fx_1.bar -395584382
file000108.dat actors_63.bar 1100578649
file000109.dat levelSegments_29.bar 1877013407
file000110.dat DLC.swf 1379959657
file000111.dat environments_7.bar -1420757588
file000112.dat Popups.swf 1530666516
file000113.dat props_41.bar 1845458731
file000114.dat AllianceMap.swf 812380834
file000115.dat environments_15.bar 1864926221
file000116.dat actors_18.bar 451016328
file000117.dat props_29.bar 276300723
file000118.dat actors_32.bar -1891471343
file000119.dat actors_15.bar -861847278
file000120.dat actors2_17.bar 1339263283
file000121.dat props_3.bar -327958108
file000122.dat actors_5.bar -590654154
file000123.dat levelSegments_15.bar -1785651822
file000124.dat actors_35.bar -726717243
file000125.dat ps_5.bar -413115104
file000126.dat Issue_5_Complete.swf 704662886
file000127.dat props_7.bar -1585175543
file000128.dat UnderPopups.swf 1197433779
file000129.dat actors_62.bar 1468747377
file000130.dat actors_50.bar -946867601
file000131.dat actors_45.bar 1681530936
file000132.dat environments_16.bar 1251372756
file000133.dat levelSegments_30.bar -530768473
file000134.dat actors2_11.bar 850129552
file000135.dat levelSegments_7.bar -632406073
file000136.dat props_22.bar 441623479
file000137.dat RequestUIHandler.swf -251577343
file000138.dat actors_4.bar 1229961121
file000139.dat ps_3.bar 1335804087
file000140.dat actors2_23.bar 1810665398
file000141.dat actors_58.bar 1999907726
file000142.dat Issue_6_Complete.swf 635571666
file000143.dat props.bar 42569182
file000144.dat actors_60.bar -813332716
file000145.dat props_18.bar -1388696098
file000146.dat props_44.bar -1574157747
file000147.dat props_2.bar 341014253
file000148.dat actors_43.bar 1527518277
file000149.dat ps_8.bar 516696296
file000150.dat props_5.bar -942183531
file000151.dat environments_2.bar 717578071
file000152.dat environments_20.bar -1413199001
file000153.dat Results.swf -739366457
file000154.dat props_20.bar -1109061175
file000155.dat environments.bar 1174096068
file000156.dat actors_2.bar 983385376
file000157.dat props_16.bar -233627434
file000158.dat levelSegments_17.bar 807956774
file000159.dat fx_2.bar 1864693479
file000160.dat actors_7.bar -1298582110
file000161.dat actors2_15.bar 1198606182
file000162.dat levelSegments_23.bar 2085539782
file000163.dat effects.bar 1514246602
file000164.dat ps_1.bar -1015518273
file000165.dat actors_51.bar -1444529331
file000166.dat actors_52.bar -508305733
file000167.dat ps_6.bar 777403563
file000168.dat environments_6.bar -1355582685
file000169.dat actors2_29.bar -710445915
file000170.dat environments_4.bar 1055267571
file000171.dat environments_22.bar 2128761934
file000172.dat actors2_8.bar -1177536889
file000173.dat actors_19.bar -2138026374
file000174.dat props_40.bar 1286752294
file000175.dat Tutorial.swf 161685395
file000176.dat actors_31.bar 1603482468
file000177.dat actors_25.bar -153145631
file000178.dat actors_12.bar 372611081
file000179.dat props_35.bar 525370777
file000180.dat Loading.swf 1520198174
file000181.dat levelSegments_19.bar 1084651084
file000182.dat props_6.bar -1734717608
file000183.dat actors_49.bar -1719271323
file000184.dat levelSegments.bar -1660294710
file000185.dat ps_10.bar -1248298371
file000186.dat actors_54.bar 574019198
file000187.dat actors_28.bar 670061941
file000188.dat gameloft_logo_bg.png -1498552277
file000189.dat ps_13.bar 1138799848
file000190.dat ps_11.bar -1763759619
file000191.dat actors_14.bar -1324049202
file000192.dat actors_23.bar -1720460002
file000193.dat props_24.bar 1532949022
file000194.dat props_38.bar -1922909343
file000195.dat actors_13.bar -1567419119
file000196.dat actors2_20.bar -1729161276
file000197.dat actors_48.bar 1167162064
file000198.dat CollectionsListMenu.swf 819820965
file000199.dat gameloft_logo_big.png 1662487057
file000200.dat actors_55.bar 1816834620
file000201.dat actors_57.bar -1756236854
file000202.dat actors_8.bar -1591610618
file000203.dat actors_38.bar 1476725343
file000204.dat CollectionMenu.swf -197240596
file000205.dat props_39.bar 482073250
file000206.dat actors2_3.bar -1971589291
file000207.dat actors2_2.bar -1601709498
file000208.dat levelSegments_2.bar 1909433854
file000209.dat props_36.bar -1436507911
file000210.dat actors_27.bar -88679971
file000211.dat swfs.bar -1744844333
file000212.dat props_50.bar -358511728
file000213.dat ps_9.bar 2087420425
file000214.dat levelSegments_28.bar -676223615
file000215.dat actors2_25.bar -353431297
file000216.dat props_31.bar 1111110778
file000217.dat actors_39.bar 684721988
file000218.dat actors_21.bar 792268574
file000219.dat actors_30.bar 150037731
file000220.dat actors2.bar 1616009157
file000221.dat actors_37.bar -529855726
file000222.dat props_26.bar 1664584121
file000223.dat ps_2.bar -1603451028
file000224.dat CinematicOverlay.swf -1762090320
file000225.dat Shop.swf 435014783
file000226.dat Issue_3_Complete.swf -1683923585
file000227.dat levelSegments_13.bar 1670260945
file000228.dat props_47.bar -607644077
file000229.dat levelSegments_11.bar -1906550067
file000230.dat props_33.bar -883795941
file000231.dat Dialog.swf -349342755
file000232.dat DailyChallenge.swf 1551083748
file000233.dat environments_17.bar 1985867733
file000234.dat actors2_7.bar 1826819457
file000235.dat AlliancePopups.swf 853458117
file000236.dat actors2_18.bar -588308860
file000237.dat actors_1.bar 1850187577
file000238.dat actors2_16.bar -1259021438
file000239.dat levelSegments_18.bar -1500128345
file000240.dat Library_Common.swf -1322469065
file000241.dat props_34.bar -1210277806
file000242.dat props_14.bar -52550510
file000243.dat actors2_26.bar 261779706
file000244.dat LeaguesPopup.swf 1384904506
file000245.dat props_25.bar -1100871365
file000246.dat Alliance.swf 1808875599
file000247.dat actors_41.bar 937507992
file000248.dat fx.bar -1013885446
file000249.dat Debug.swf 420787435
file000250.dat environments_21.bar -1318351014
file000251.dat levels.bar -1607637120
file000252.dat actors2_19.bar -1665472313
file000253.dat Issue_1_Complete.swf 303358874
file000254.dat levelSegments_24.bar 1789314467
file000255.dat props_15.bar 436007502
file000256.dat props_32.bar -27308010
file000257.dat environments_9.bar -1997637452
file000258.dat actors2_10.bar -35853799
file000259.dat actors2_5.bar -761111696
file000260.dat levelSegments_21.bar -672303354
file000261.dat actors_61.bar -449295768
file000262.dat ps_12.bar 256913814
file000263.dat TopBar.swf 708634082
file000264.dat actors_46.bar -513293779
file000265.dat props_45.bar -1105689686
file000266.dat props_37.bar 20309480
file000267.dat actors_22.bar 1894871886
file000268.dat environments_10.bar -1460042570
file000269.dat actors_9.bar -1916768479
file000270.dat actors_10.bar 306258968
file000271.dat levelSegments_4.bar 523170761
file000272.dat levelSegments_5.bar 70870654
file000273.dat props_4.bar -363725896
file000274.dat environments_8.bar -894677355
file000275.dat actors_47.bar -661047356
file000276.dat props_10.bar 479377751

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 7:33 pm 

Joined: Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:59 am
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Big4Rig wrote:
Nevermind, looks like the iOS versions of the tga's open in PVRTexTool when renamed to .pvr

That also worked with files from the game "Gangstar: Miami Vindication", thanks :) The Android files are in some different format...

PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2017 9:12 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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I've had some models so far come out a scrambled mess but otherwise good success with Noesis.
100% success with Ultimate Unwrap 3d. However it's an expensive program to go full and be able to export.
The bdae plugin is free off their site though if anyone wants to study it as well the demo free.


unwrap_bdae.jpg [176.12 KiB]
Not downloaded yet
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:12 am 

Joined: Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:38 pm
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Acewell can you please update script for bdae files from Thor TDW (2014)?
the script for Spider-Man Unlimited doesn't work
Samples are here
https://mega.nz/#!P1gRSTgR!9qNWBaNFanEE ... 6IGa8xdGIM
Thanks in advance!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:13 pm 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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Making a note for scripters here. Some models from Unlimited come out broken when using the traditional methods of extraction. I assume this is the case with other games that use the format. Note on that is the ones that do are ones that would have more than one object pieces to the model and the ones that come out fine are all one piece vertice seamed to vertice. Hope this helps narrow research down.

Examples that come out broken are characters with web-wings. Captain Spider (Flash), classic Spider-woman, All New Spider-man. Symbiotes or characters that have tongues (Venom, Anti-Venom, Demogoblin). Characters with a costume piece like Demon-Spider's mask ties, the space suits helmet, anything with unwelded mechanical arms. So on.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:33 pm 

Joined: Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:51 am
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I can't figure out the face indices on some of these models from more recent updates. I can get a point cloud (with some inverted normals) and UV's, but that's it.

Mesh_MJIron.bdae: http://puu.sh/xl3Wq.png
Mesh_Batty_Brant.bdae: http://puu.sh/xl4Q3.png

Here are the bdae files: http://puu.sh/xl4To.zip

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:25 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
Posts: 20
Those are among the list of ones that break using the conventional method (Noesis). Not sure how to get around that until a coder steps up and fixes the script. They can be opened with Ultimate Unwrap3d Pro using the provided plugin however cannot be exported unless one buys the program.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:19 am 
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Big4Rig wrote:
I can't figure out the face indices on some of these models from more recent updates...
Mesh_Batty_Brant.bdae: http://puu.sh/xl4Q3.png

i skipped the first 12 vertices and indices in Mesh_Batty_Brant.bdae and it looks good to me :D
the indices reset at 0x266a0, i didn't check to see what mesh the first 12 made :P
guess you can't read some in a single array, this is why i can't update my script, too many variations of this format. :(

Mesh_Batty_Brant_bdae.png [54.2 KiB]
Not downloaded yet

the indices reset at 0x18148, a new submesh should start there.

Mesh_MJIron_bdae.png [71.15 KiB]
Not downloaded yet

Quickbms.com link thread
Search bms scripts

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:26 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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Kewl. I have to take some time and try and learn that program again. I had problems grasping it before for whatever reason. Also been trying to research just screencapping Unwrap. Not sure why but that one and the various 3d grabbing programs don't play nice together.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:59 pm 

Joined: Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:55 am
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I've been trying to do the same thing with the .pig files in Gameloft's Six Gun.

Have not had much luck so far. Do I need to do something different with these files?

SG_skunk.jpg [94.32 KiB]
Not downloaded yet


Last edited by dionyseuss on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:33 pm, edited 2 times in total.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:00 pm 

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Here's the example .pig in case anyone has time to take a look.

skunk.zip [6.63 KiB]
Downloaded 90 times

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:41 pm 

Joined: Tue May 30, 2017 1:10 am
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dionyseuss wrote:
I've been trying to do the same thing with the .pig files in Gameloft's Six Gun.
Have not had much luck so far. Do I need to do something different with these files?

Tbe vertex stream for .pig files is LZ4 compressed, so I don't think you're gonna see anything recognizable. You can try searching for Gameloft Pig Importer by Chipicao for import scripts.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:30 pm 

Joined: Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:55 am
Posts: 10
I tried the PIG2FBX command line converter and the max script.

Neither one of these work for me.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:03 pm 

Joined: Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:59 am
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I hope works with Asphalt Storm :)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:59 pm 

Joined: Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:15 pm
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Ok so I figured out how to get the ones from spiderman that dont load in noesis to load.
Just open in a hex editor and delete the chunks till before "BRESpy"

and resave, it should load then.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:14 am 

Joined: Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:23 am
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You rock!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:38 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:45 pm
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Acewell wrote:
here is a Noesis python script to open your bdae samples :D
supports geometry and UVs

How to use this for Gangster Vegas .bdae files ?
It gives following error.

Example File :- https://mega.nz/#!hSpQFAYA!BAEovrS4OJeI ... EnFgj477Fk

Capture.PNG [20.96 KiB]
Not downloaded yet
PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:13 am 

Joined: Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:38 am
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Dungeon Hunter 4 is a pretty addictive little game, and i picked it up for free from the m$ store.
i notice most of this thread is specifically about extracting .obj character assets,
i'm interested in character/weapon models, level streaming, all texture files, and gameplay equations.
the wiki, and enough game time will reverse engineer the equations, but how about levels and textures?

i found the game files, and they all have a blender icon even though blender only knows .dae not .bdae
is there a hex2obj blender plugin for .bdae files, like there is a gamebryo plugin for .nif files?
i followed the link to Extracting Simple models on the Xentax forums and have downloaded hex2obj.
i tried to rtfm in advance but the faq link is how to bb not how to .bdae, is there an intro tutorial somewhere?

thanks ^_^;

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