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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:26 am 
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I tried some aluigi scripts to extract this .dpc files but maybe they should update. http://aluigi.org/papers/bms/others/ratatouille_dpc.bms
https://mega.nz/#!OlFRCYZS!pYJxpd8Uqxms ... UE43h-W9hg

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:54 am 
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The Asobo format is ever a mess but this specific file doesn't seem to have a crc field for identifying where the file entry starts and probably contains just one file.
In short I can't fix the script.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:24 pm 
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thank you anyway Aluigi

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:48 am 

Joined: Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:28 pm
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got this


when scan data for wave files

# scan data for wave files
# RIFF and RIFX header supported
# note: There are wave files with a wrong file size after RIFF/RIFX
#       This script takes the stream size, adds the header size and writes the correct size after RIFF/RIFX
# (c) 2012-06-26 by AlphaTwentyThree
# future update plans:
# - option to also write data between found wave files to disk
# - option to automatically transform the file to a playable or at least decodable format

for i = 1                        # run through loop with count variable i
   FindLoc OFFSET string "WAVE" 0 ""   # search for "WAVE", save position as variable OFFSET
   if OFFSET == ""                  # when nothing is found
      cleanexit                  # the script exits (e.g. at end of file)
   math OFFSET -= 8               # jump to possible
   goto OFFSET                     # RIFF/RIFX file start
   getDstring IDENT 4               # read string of 4 bytes, save variable as IDENT
   if IDENT == "RIFX"               # differentiate between header possibilities
      endian big                  # set endianness to big, if file has RIFX identifier
      callfunction write 1         # see function section below
   elif IDENT == "RIFF"            # endianness stays little
      callfunction write 1         # also run function
   else                        # string "WAVE" found, but doesn't belong to wave file
      set SIZE 0xc               # do as if something with 0xc bytes was found to continue search from the right position
   set SEARCH OFFSET               # set marker to position from where to search next
   math SEARCH += SIZE               # (that would be after the file that was found)
   if SEARCH == FSIZE               # in case the last found file ends with the main file, we exit
   goto SEARCH                     # if we haven't exited the script above, we set out cursor to after the last found file
next i

startfunction write                  # function "write" starts here, is called when a wave file is found above
   get NAME basename               # save name without extension under variable NAME
   string NAME += "_"               # add underscore to the name
   string NAME += i               # add the loop variable to the name
   goto OFFSET                     # set cursor to the beginning of the found file
   get DUMMY long                  # RIFF/RIFX identifier, not needed
   get DUMMY long                  # riff size, not needed
   get DUMMY long                  # "WAVE", not needed, we arrive at the "fmt " section
   for                           # loop search for the "data" section at the start of the stream (get the stream size from there)
      getDstring AREA_NAME 4         # name of area in header
      get AREA_SIZE long            # size of area in header
      savepos MYOFF               # save position we are at
      if AREA_NAME == "data"         # when we arrive at the needed "data" area:
         break                  # we exit the loop
      else                     # otherwise:
         if AREA_NAME == "LIST"      # that's the area of the marker names
            callfunction retrievename 1 # see below
         math MYOFF += AREA_SIZE      # not reached "data" area -> adjust cursor position...
         goto MYOFF               # ... and go there
   next                        # remember: the cursor is now directly at the stream start
   set STREAMSIZE AREA_SIZE         # the last AREA_SIZE is the size we need (size of the audio stream)
   set HEADERSIZE MYOFF            #
   math HEADERSIZE -= OFFSET         # calculate the size of the stream header (offset - offset = size)
   set SIZE HEADERSIZE               #
   math SIZE += STREAMSIZE            # calculate complete file size (header + stream = file)
   log MEMORY_FILE OFFSET SIZE         # write file to memory
   math SIZE -= 8                  # subtract 8 bytes to get the riff size
   putVarChr MEMORY_FILE 4 SIZE long    # write the correct riff size to the header inside the memory
   string NAME += ".wav"            # add extension to the name (the name could contain the name of the first marker if the file has markers)
   math SIZE += 8                  # add the subtracted 8 bytes again
   log NAME 0 SIZE MEMORY_FILE         # write file in memory to disk
endfunction                        # remember that we continue with our next i now!

startfunction retrievename            # get possible file name from first marker name, rmember: our cursor is after the size of the LIST area
   get DUMMY long                   # always "adtl", not needed
   get DUMMY long                  # always "labl", not needed
   get MSIZE long                  # size of the label area for this marker
   math MSIZE -= 4                  # subtracting 4 bytes leaves us with the length of the marker label
   get DUMMY long                  # marker type, not needed
   getDstring MNAME MSIZE            # cursor is at the beginning of the label name, now get the marker name with the desired length MSIZE
   string NAME += "~"
   string NAME += MNAME            # add the marker name to the file name

i'am looking for get friendlyname of file

sample https://bit.ly/2FiQNAQ

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:34 pm 

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Did you guys ever figure it out? I am also trying to rip these models too

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