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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 1:05 am 

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Recently I have been working on a project that I have been struggling with. This project is a voicepack of stormtrooper, purge troopers and KX security droids voice lines from Jedi Fallen Order. Rather I need more manpower than help extracting files. (unless there is a quicker way to extract oog. Files that I have not known about) Because of the amount of time consumed that I did not expect or intend to have this much time being spent on this phase of the project, I have decided that I need some helping hands to assist me with this task. I ask some of you to help me out with this project to help hasteen the speed of this particular phase, the “Sifting Phase”. If I remain doing this solo, in all likelihood I would lose hope and abandon this project due to not much time on my hands nor do I want to spend a year or more on this phase.

Before I explain the sifting process and what to do. There are some tools that are mandatory to this sifting phase. One being a compressor achiever, something akin to Winrar if you don’t have something like that already. Next you will need the media player to play the audio file. Lastly, an organized folder, I don’t care how you do it, as long it is organized and easy to follow. This will be used to sort all the stormtrooper voice clips, all purge trooper voice clips and all KX-Droid voice clips that you have acquired and collected.

Now I will explain the sifting process. The first thing to do, is to extract the file. I recommend to start at the very top to the very bottom of the package, for it’s easy to follow and won’t waste a lot of time. Then play said audio file to the media player, in order to decipher if the audio file is either a stormtrooper voice clip, purge trooper voice clip, KX Security Droid voice clip or it is not either of those. Once you have deciphered, it is important to note that there are 4 different variants of stormtrooper voice which will be classified as Storm1, Storm2, Storm3 and Storm4. There are 4 different variants of the purge trooper voice which will be classified as Purge1, Purge2, Purge3 and Purge4. And there 2 different variants of KX Security Droid voice, which one is an muscline voice and the other is a feminine voice and will be classified under KX-Male and KX-Female.(See samples at the bottom of the post to understand which voice sounds like) Because these will be at the beginning of the file being renamed. Upon recognizing the voice variants, you will either quote or paraphrase what is being said in the audio file. If you are paraphrasing, make sure it makes sense and does require a lot though to understand your paraphrasing. When you are done with the description of the voice line, parentheses the serial number, do not delete that number. It will be important to keep track and incase any discussions revolve around that file, primarily I can understand it. Then move onto the next file below the one you just did. If it is not an audio clip that belongs to the Stormtrooper /Purge Trooper/KX Security Droid, then just delete it and move on the next file that is below the one you have just deleted.

For Example: I extract the audio file “446843” to my desktop. I play the audio using my media player, Winamp in my case. Winamp plays a stormtrooper yelling for covering fire. I have deciphered that this is a stormtrooper, and recognize this the second variant of the stormtrooper voice, which is Storm2. So I will rename file “446843” to “Storm2 CoverFire (446843)”

The amount of files I will give is dependent on how many people that will assist with this project, so each person will get a select amount of files based on how much free time you have. The more people who join to help, the less files each of will get. Vice Verica for we if we don't get a lot of people that will help. It would be ideal if 6-8 people would like to aid me in this project. If you have questions or you have trouble deciphering an audio file during the sifting phase I will help you out with. And depending how it is, I might take the file and deal with it, so you can move on. What’s more likely I will clear things out or clarify on the audio file,so you can rename it.

I want to recommend some things, a bit of tips for you guys that are helping me out. This comes from my own experience, I strongly recommend not to think that you can do your entire section, the amount of files I will give you in 1 day, 2 days or even 4 days. Because you will spend some time on some files that require a bit more to analyze or are difficult to decipher. It is better to do it in small amounts each day that you are available, what I mean by small is at least 300 files. Which should take you around 1-2 hours, depends on your speed but it should not take 4 hours to do that amount. You can do more files than that amount, if that accommodates your schedule. I would like and be satisfied for everyone to be done with the sifting phase by the End of Spring Break, roughly 3 months from now. If we can get this phase done early, before Spring break begins that would be awesome. Lastly, I recommend playing Jedi Fallen Order or getting you don’t. It could help with recognizing the different enemy voices, it is a tool you can use if you struggle with that. Battle Grid will be your best friend when it comes doing that. Of course, it is entirely your decision if you want to do that, like I said it can be a potential tool for you to use.

If you are thinking about helping me out, please state that you are interested, at least something that I can be notified of. Because of my academic life, I won’t be able to respond to questions about a file regarding their sound until Christmas break starts, or even on this Friday night. However I can respond to any questions other than what I previously mentioned. When it comes to that question, clarifications and deciphering topic, please do not abuse this kind of questions and clarifications topic, using me to do most of your work because you're too lazy to do your assigned section. Let it be known that I will not tolerate that behavior and you will be punished if found guilty which will find youreslf exiled and discredited from the project. I do not intend to discourage anyone who asks for help, needs clarification or has questions. For that is acceptable, so long as you don’t abuse them and you will be fine. And yes, those you will help me shall receive credit in my project on the credits section.

Here is the link for the samples of the voice variants that we need: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing
Also tell me if Storm3 and Storm4 need better samples, not to sure if you guys can tell the difference as they are the most difficult to differentiate with each other .

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