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Author:  Cthonicus [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Boom Beach .sc Texture Files

Hello my dudes,

Recently I've come to find myself in love with the troop in Boom Beach called "Scorcher" and wished to make more of it. So, I've decided to make a 3D render of it myself and then 3D print it to make into a prop.

To do so accurately, I'll need a full 360° angle to be able to model the Scorcher appropriately. My solution for this was to get the sprites for the Scorcher directly from the game itself; but since no one had already done it I attempted to do it myself. I was able to locate the file for the animation sprites (named units_tex.sc), apply a Python script I found on here to get a resulting .png file to make it readable, but was disappointed with the results.

Instead of getting a clear image to use, I got a large (12 mb) image of just random pixels and non-comprehensible characters. I tried it with other .sc files, and was surprised to see that most of them worked except for the larger files. All of the texture files except the following three were converted successfully.


So, what I'm asking for is a way to be able to convert the file I need to make it visible. Could anyone assist me in doing so? I'm not familiar with coding, but I will try my best to work with what I'm given.

See attached for example textures that worked and did not work.

Thanks in advance,

File comment: examples (one was decreased in file size for upload limits)
example.zip [3.81 MiB]
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