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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:58 pm 

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So long story short I know how to extract these files manually, but it's a huge burden to do so. I tried building an 010 Editor script as seen below, but I think a few things were off. Hopefully that helps with making short work of a QuickBMS script. File extensions can be either .ZSM or .ZSS. These will extract to standard XMA, which I can then use ToWav on. Thanks much! (see attached)

010 script
//--- 010 Editor v2.1.3 Script File
// File:
// Author: Teancum
// ZSS ripper
// 1) start with RIFF (4 bytes), record location of 'R'
// 2) next four bytes, file size (chunk_size)
// 3) add 8 bytes to chunk_size to cover header
// 4) return to this 'R' location
// 5) select from 'R' to chunk_size
// 6) export

// 1) Find first '.xma'
// 2) Go backward, find first 4-byte 00 set (filenames may be short or long, so we need to find the first set to ensure we're past the beginning of the name)
// 3) Go back 16 bytes
// 4) Record next 4 bytes as offset
// 5) Record next 4 bytes after that as size
// 6) Go forward 12 bytes
// 7) Record next 20 bytes as file name


char filename[];
const char file_ext[]=".xma
uint chunk_offset;
const char find_xma[4]={'.','x','m','a'} //find XMA file name
const char chunk_type[4]={'R','I','F','F'}; // "RIFF"
char chunk_name[];
uint chunk_begin;
int i;
int filenum;

    "Open ZSM/ZSS ile",
    "All files (*.zsm/zss)|*.zss",
    "*.zsm" );
filenum = GetFileNum();

TFindResults find_chunk=FindAll(
//Find all XMA files
    0 );

for(i = 0; i < find_chunk.count; i++ )
//Start at first RIFF chunk, iterate through until done
    chunk_begin=find_chunk.start[i]; //.xma
    chunk_offset=ReadInt(chunk_begin+4); //4 over from RIFF, read int
    //Printf("%s\n", chunk_name+file_ext);

    SetSelection( chunk_begin, chunk_offset+8); //Start at RIFF, end at chunk_offset+8 (to account for header)
    CopyToClipboard(); //copy data
    FileNew(); //Start a new file
    PasteFromClipboard(); //paste into file
    FileSave(chunk_name+file_ext); //Save here (can I get the actual names, or prompt to save?)
    FileSelect( filenum );

venom_v.zip [3.27 MiB]
Downloaded 89 times
PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:34 pm 
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:42 pm 

Joined: Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:13 pm
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Thanks! That was fast!

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