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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 8:29 am 
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Sorry for the shameful off-topic, I'm going to remove it in few weeks.

My company is organizing a conference in Hong Kong in May about the following topics:

  • hacktivism (digital activism, cyber attacks motivated by ideals [politics, ecology and so on])
  • open source intelligence (OSINT)

Maybe you, or your friend, or your colleague or someone you know, has good material and proven experience in one of these fields.
If that's the case he can apply for the CFP and, if selected, being able to presenting his work at the conference.

I know there are many users here from Japan, China, Korea and Russia, so who knows, maybe this post will have some success :)
You can also spread the word about the CFP if you prefer.

Link to the Call for Papers:

Full CFP text copy&pasted here:
REVULN '19 Call for Papers

REVULN '19 is an Information Technology Security conference that will take
place the 2019 May 15 and 16 in Hong Kong at the Harbour Plaza North Point
More information about the event and a FAQ section are available on our
website: https://revuln.com/#events

We are looking for 11 international speakers with presentations between 30
and 35 minutes in english, the whole slot is 45 minutes inclusive of

CFP deadline: 2019 March 1.

The conference is strictly focused on the following two topics with a
specific look at Asia and its countries, the list contains also some
possible ideas and suggestions for each topic:

1) Hacktivism and countermeasures
- motivations: ecology, animalism, religion, art(?), politics, business
  competition, philosophical reasons, just fun, ...
- ways used to release the collected information in case of breaches
  (WikiLeaks, newspapers, conferences)
- most targetted countries and why some are more or less hit than others
- analysis of some specific cases (case studies)
- possible current and future trends and scenarios
- results and effects of digital activism actions, short and long term
- risks for the authors and examples of consequences in the past
- countermeasures ("counter-hacktivism"?) adopted by governments in
  response to specific situations
- case studies specific of one country
- role of cryptocurrencies as form of hacktivism against the banking system
- role of whistleblowers
- vandalism, obtained effects and opposite effects
- social aspects

2) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
- mainly open source tools publicly and freely available at the moment and
  solutions requiring no specific tools at all (web browser)
- usage examples and quality of the obtained results
- statistics and real results
- example of actions adopted by networks over time (like info on LinkedIn
  visible only after login, same for Twitter followers and so on)
- how useful and accurate are these information (for each website/portal)
- social networks: current user base by country, history and possible
  future trends
- description and information about small social networks and websites
  specific of some countries, less or not known outside
- specific social networks and websites offering interesting OSINT info
- positive usages of OSINT, for example for collecting info about possible
  human assets rather than targets to damage
- possible role of security regulations (maybe like european GDPR) in
  decreasing the amount of information retrieved via OSINT and increasing
  public awareness on privacy
- different results obtained via social networks API and web interface
- specific sub-domains or client configurations (maybe user-agent) for
  bypassing some restrictions or obtaining more information
- advantages of anonymous OSINT using the unauthenticated web sessions
  instead of API and web post-login
- false positives, difficulties in knowing if the collected information is
  really related to the person we are looking for (common names, wrong
  social accounts, old info, irrelevant details)

We are mainly interested in:
- presentations focused on the asian region and specific asian countries
- statistics, real case studies, conclusions and everything that has been
  proven in practice
- research and events in which you have been personally involved or you
  have personally studied, your own experience makes the difference
- both introductive presentations (but still focused on a specific
  sub-topic) and in-depth and technical ones, they will be scheduled for
  offering an increased difficulty level for the attendees
- presentations designed and presented in a good and comprehensible way
  that can be understood by attendees who have no specific knowledge of a
  country or topic
- different points of views and unusual aspects not usually considered

We are NOT interested in:
- marketing oriented stuff
- pointless presentations or without any real content
- presentations entirely based on real-time live demonstrations or content
  requiring Internet access (everything must be ready and working during
  the session without any mishaps or technical problems)
- generic overviews of the usual tools and information discussed in all the
  talks about the same topics
- strong political opinions and discussions, we prefer facts and neutrality
- over-saturated topics and countries (for example U.S. and west in
  general, remember that the event is mainly focused on Asia)
- long introductions to the target topics, we can't have 11 sessions
  spending 15 minutes each explaining what is hacktivism and OSINT, you
  have 30 minutes so go straight to the point and stay focused on it

Students, academics, researchers working for companies and organizations,
government officials, independent researchers and anyone with a solid
background on these topics and good material to share, are welcome to apply
for the CFP.

Currently we prefer sessions presented by one speaker, let us know if your
presentation requires two speakers and for what reason.

Please tell us if you have a good presentation that perfectly fits all the
points but it's longer than 40 minutes, we can try to allocate some
additional minutes at the end of the second day (for one session only).

If you have very good material only partially related to the two topics, we
may be interested if there is an interesting and proven connection between
the topic of your presentation and those selected for the events.

Speaker benefits

- Deluxe Hill View Room for 4 nights at Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel:
  check-in 13, check-out 17, Wi-Fi, breakfast, fitness centre and pool

- Free admission to the conference (obviously)

- One free complimentary ticket for one colleague (no girlfriend/boyfriend
  or relatives, please)

How to apply
Send an email to info@revuln.com with the subject: CFP.
Our PGP key (optional) is available at https://revuln.com/revuln.asc
(F134 2420 0712 C426 3F52 E412 193B 0D88 6649 005F)
Feel free to contact us even if you have any questions or doubts, you can
find us also on Twitter and LinkedIn:

The email must contain the following information, just text please:

- Full Name and Surname

- Nickname (if available)

- Personal website, blog, Github/Gitlab and so on

- Social contacts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Sina/Tencent Weibo, QQ, VK,
  Naver, Youtube and so on

- Job position and employer (if you are going to represent that company) or
  University (if you are student or PhD) or "independent researcher" (if
  you don't represent any company and have a solid public and proven

- Brief biography (if available), just some few lines about you and your
  public goals and achievements

- Title of presentation

- Short description and main points, max 500 words

- In your opinion, why is this presentation important for the attendees?

- Have you already presented this talk at other conferences?

- Optional links about similar material and research on the Internet that
  deserves our attention and/or are referenced in your presentation

More details about the presentation will be asked in the next stages of

The slides of the final selected presentations in PDF will be shared with
the attendees of the conference during/after the event and published on our
website after the event (optional, please let us know if you prefer to not
publish the slides).

Website with info and FAQ about the event:

Again, sorry for the OT, I'm violating the rules of the forum and I will punish myself for my horrible actions :D

*edit* removed from sticky.

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